TOP 7 Best Archery Targets

Archery targets are used both for zeroing weapons and adjusting the sight. Also, they are needed for working out all the phases of the shot to automatism and to increase the accuracy of hits. Most people may be confused by the diversity and a huge list of accessories that are necessary or possibly applicable in archery. One of the main and basic elements needed is certainly an archery target. To pick up the best one and not to make mistakes upon choosing, there are plenty of the best archery target reviews.

Moreover, this accessory is a must-have for training. Both experienced archers and freshmen need to constantly practice their skills not to lose mastership. Even if a person is going to present an archery target to someone who does not have the necessary skills, knowing some tips for choosing a good one is required.

Types of Archery Targets

Archery target is obligatory hardware for shooting competitions. Also, it is an important component because it allows to adequately evaluate the accuracy of the shot and to compare the results of training. There are various types of archery targets:

  • sports targets;
  • targets for field archery;
  • targets with images of animals;
  • 3D targets;

Sports targets are intended for shooting at the fixed distances by the FITA standards. They are divided into full (with points from 1 to 10), “centers” (with points from 6 to 10), and two-colored (hit – missed). Usually, the targets should be mounted on shields that are made of special material. So, after an arrow hit it or remained in it, the shield must not collapse or deform. Of course, an arrow must not pass through the shield. The inclination angle of the shield to the ground is not more than 15°.

Targets for field archery have the same design and differ by the sizes for different distances. Field archery takes place by the IFAA standards. It can take place both outdoors and indoors at fixed distances. The target for field archery consists of concentric circles of two colors: yellow and black. The central part of the yellow color has two counting zones. Four external zones are black and are equal by width. The central part is evaluated at 6 points. The consequent zones are evaluated from 5 to 1 point, respectively. The center of the target contains a little cross inside.

Targets with images of animals are used for entertaining archery. Such targets are fixed on archery boards established on tripods or frames. Usually, they are used along with arrow shields that are made of special porous synthetic material. It is not recommended to place the target on a wooden board or a tree. The reason is that wood are a solid and firm material and even an expensive arrow can break when hitting. Also, these targets may become a good present to people who go in for archery.

3D targets represent 3D or 2D animal shapes or other objects. Usually, they are made of foamed plastic and some even have a wireframe inside. The foam does not crumble and if there are holes after hitting, they are healed once arrows are removed. Such targets are often used as good equipment for training for hunters. The best 3D archery targets are often made in the view of animals. Thanks to visual coincidence they look realistic and that is why usual training turns into an entertaining and interesting process.

What is a Standard Archery Target in Sports?

The target used in sports archery is usually made of non-threshed rye or some kind of straw. The most spread form is a disc shape with a diameter not less than 120 cm and a thickness of 15 cm. Outside the target is covered with a waterproof cloth or tarpaulin. Multi colored concentric  circles (zones) are applied to the outside.

There is a golden circle in the very center. Its diameter is 24 cm. Usually, it is called an ‘apple’. Hitting this ‘fruit’ brings 9 points to an archer. Around the apple, there are four round zones. Each zone is 12 cm wide and has its own color: red, blue, black, and white, respectively.

Hitting a certain color brings a certain number of points. Points are allocated as follows:

  • red – 7 points;
  • blue – 5 points;
  • black – 3 points;
  • white – only 1 point;

When an arrow hits through the target or jumps off it, the archer is awarded 5 points. Upon that, the color of the zone he hit does not matter.

Nowadays archery is not only one of the physical education tools but a popular sport as well. This activity becomes well-known all over the world. This is justified by the fact that any person can choose a bow suitable for himself in strength. Plus, it is accessible all year round both individually and in groups, and even in families. The appropriate equipment may be made at home or school workshops. Also, there are lots of special sporting goods stores where it is possible to buy everything needed for this interesting activity.

7 Best-Selling Archery Targets:

Black Hole 4 Sided Archery Target

Black Hole 4 Sided Archery Target


If you prefer active shooting and do not like to stand in one place, this target is right for you. Economical, comfortable, and has plenty of advantages. Thanks to the four sides of aiming, you can shoot from any side you want. Due to vivid and colorful design, easy aiming is guaranteed. No problems with arrow removal – no physical efforts are needed. Two sizes for archers with compound and curved arrows. Although one is designed specially for crossbow shooters, the target is not intended for high-speed crossbows.

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target


Who did not want to plunge into the past and hunt for animals like ancient people? Now, this is no longer a dream! Almost 100% visual coincidence. This version is an excellent alternative to expensive models. Due to the presence of special scoring rings in vital areas shooting looks more realistic and helps to feel all the emotions of a real hunter. The target is able to resist any weather conditions. Durable, long-lasting, and well-designed. Arrows are removed easily.

Simple Archery 40cm & 80cm Targets

Simple Archery 40cm & 80cm Targets


One of the best targets for those who are only about to start their way in archery. It will help to feel like a real hunter and develop your skills. Colorful, compact, and economical. Wholesaling is possible as well. Good quality of firm paper guarantees the use for a long time. This target can become an incredible present to your teenager. The weight is not very big and any teenager can cope with it.

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat FP

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat FP


In case you have a high-speed bow or compound bow, then this target is what you need. Along with easy removal, all elements are subject to long-term use. Interesting design, handles for comfortable carrying, and high-quality material. The target is able to endure all types of arrow tips. An excellent option for professional archers. Acceptable price, good quality, and hole proof.

DOSTYLE Traditional Solid Straw Round Archery Target

DOSTYLE Traditional Solid Straw Round Archery Target


Eco-friendly three-layered target made of straw. Totally safe for arrows. Due to obvious and accurate scoring rings comfortable shooting is guaranteed. A perfect option for using outdoors. This handmade target can grace your leisure and you won’t definitely get bored. It can be used both in the room and outside. Despite its sturdy look, the target is not heavy at all.

Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Hurricane Bag Archery Target


A portable and durable two-sided target is created by special 3-core technology. Thanks to a bright palette of colors, it is possible to shoot even at long distances. A wonderful option for those who would like to try versatile training. Three different sizes are available. The target can be hung due to brass grommets. Comfortable carrying and material composition will yield many years of use even after thousands of shots. The best remedy to practice deer hunting.

Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Bag Archery Target

Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Bag Archery Target


If you are looking for something brutal and want to be sure the target is long-lasting, this is right for you. It can resist any weather conditions, so hunting is real both in cold and heat. Some buyers even compared it with a tank. Rain or wind is not an obstacle for this high-quality product. The price is just pleasant. Despite it being quite heavy, lugging around is possible. Fun shooting is guaranteed and in terms of proper care, the target will serve you quite long.

Archery Targets Buyer’s Guide

Of course, it is possible to make a target on your own but in this case, it will not meet all the requirements. It will deteriorate quickly and soon you will have to make it again. That is why it is recommended to buy the target from the trusted manufacturers. So, you will be confident that the object will serve you for a long time.

Upon selecting and buying it is necessary to invoke your skills and intentions in terms of developing your shooting skills. For instance, if the target is needed for rare trips to nature and entertainment, then a paper version will be the cheapest and optimal decision. But, if archery plays a big role in your life and you plan to use it regularly, then it is better to take a closer look at the targets on the banner grid.

Archery targets made of the banner grid will be more pleasant and comfortable both for new and experienced archers. The reason is these products are able to endure the arrow hit with any type of arrowhead. Upon that, they do not deform and do not part. Such a target will serve much more and will become a guarantee of efficiency of your training. Plus, eventually, your mastership and accuracy of shooting will advance.

Even if you are looking for the best archery target for beginners, it is needed to know and remember at least a few tips on what a good archery target is. First of all, it is an integral component of constant training that increases the accuracy of shooting. Such classes can be held both in a special shooting room and in the street. It means that it is important to use a high-quality target for maximum efficiency. Thus, a good archery target must have the following properties:

  • to be noticeable and readable from a long distance;
  • to hold the arrow securely, not allowing it to go beyond its limits;
  • not to deform the arrow at the moment of stab;
  • to endure multiple hits without destructing;
  • not to change its structure due to exposure to moisture and also strong temperature extremes (heat or cold);
  • to be durable and have high-level resistance;


Archery target is one of the obligatory attributes of training. This important accessory directly impacts the results of the shot. If you have decided for yourself to perfectly learn how to wield this type of shooting, it is advised not to save money for buying the necessary items. You must be convinced of their quality. Easy, firm, and compact archery targets made of special material must endure arrow hitting from any distance. Even if arrows are shot from the strongest bows or arrows have hunting tips, it must not matter.

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